Davis Farmland

NEWS | | July 13, 2008 at 7:40 pm
This was a highly anticipated trip to Davis Farmland partly because we had heard so much about this place and partly because we scored a great deal in half price gift certificates. We had expected a totally commercial place (think Six Flags craze) and were pleasantly surprised at how well designed this place was.

It had everything from playgrounds (ala farm theme), pretend play, animals that children could pet, crafts, pony rides (both girls had their first pony ride), and a spray park. Facilities wise this place could not be beat, it had loads of picnic tables, sanitizing gels, wash sinks outside, a decent range of food at all places (even the vegetarian in me was satisfied) and surprisingly restrooms designed for toddlers . The girls searched for rocks which they then painted (yes, even Bela joined in to paint. Only thing was she decided that even her legs and clothes needed some color too). We all had a fabulous time and headed home tired but content.

See Jia riding her pony called “Flower”. Pretty confident riding for a first timer.

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