Butterfly Place

Uncategorized | | July 4, 2008 at 7:48 pm

After several sweltering hot days we were surprised to find July 4th morning wet and gloomy. We decided to head to a place that would be warm and cheerful, and what better place than the Butterfly Place in Westford. What we did not anticipate was a very hot room with such beautiful butterflies. What the place lacked for in size was certainly made up for by the huge variety of butterflies. Since everything from the plants to butterflies were delicate, everything was hands-off. Anybody out there knows how to convey this to toddlers? Despite that everyone managed to have a wonderful time and we even scored some great shots. Somehow both my daughters kept “losing” their shoes. I was hot, flustered and irritated at this antic when a woman tried to perk me up, and mentioned how pretty Jia’s shoes were and that she had a similar pair as well. To which I added “I bet you don’t lose yours on purpose”.

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