An Afternoon At Crane Beach

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Saturday was such a busy day that we decided to end it at our favorite place, Crane Beach. Except for the flies (see post below) it was a wonderful and tiring afternoon, (read early to bed). I did encounter some weird women who decided to sit right next to our stuff while we were in the water. After slowly moving their umbrella and chairs around our stuff, began to carry our stuff and move it elsewhere. Am I the only one who thinks that this is CRAZY?

So I walked up to her while she was moving our shoes (yuck, what was she thinking? was she thinking?) and she quickly informs me “she was moving it up” as if in a favor to me. I just stated how inappropriate it is to handle other people’s belongings. She started to state something about how the shade was better there. The idiot woman made me want to scream ” It is a beach, with loads of space but no shade until you set up your umbrella.” I did not even waste my time to tell her that and just repeated my earlier comment. She mockingly offered to move all of our stuff back and move on up herself. Normally I would have asked her to let it be but the years of being a mommy taught me that bad behavior deserved no rewards. Who says your kids can’t teach you a thing or two?

See tiny video clips of the girls enjoying the water below.

On a lighter note…

Greenhead Flies At Crane Beach Show No Discrimination

No one was spared from these pesky critters. I must admit I had never seen greenhead flies before and truth be told would have liked it to be kept that way. I had no such luck and have a few lil pecks from them as a memento of our visit to Crane Beach. It was a good thing I had carried bug spray to keep most of them at bay. They are huge and pretty easy to smack though and I am sure I took out a few families, hahaha. Ramesh could not help laughing as he related how funny it was to see a very big guy start smacking at the biting flies. I am just glad my honey was smart enough to save his laughter until the big guy had left.

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