Spa with Power Tools?

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I was on my way to the hair salon and when I found it closed I decided to go to the Spa next door. I really needed a pedicure anyway. For way over 3 years I have been either pregnant, too lazy, too tired or all of the above to give too much attention to my hands and feet. I read somewhere that white nail polish is the new color for any skin tone and though my inner common sense was screaming out in disagreement I gave it to the lady. I knew that the color was amiss when she raised her eyebrows and asked me in a tone of disbelief if I was sure. I ignored her thinking, what did she know about current trends.

Anyway things must have changed much while I was out of the loop because the next thing she pulled out was what looked like my drill/sander at home. I was in disbelief and I tried to get a closer look and nearly freaked when I saw I was right… she was using a Dremmel (for those who don’t know Dremmel is a small power tool that has several attachments and you can do cutting, sanding and drilling etc.. get the picture?). I tried to remain calm and composed as I wondered whether this was the norm or did she pull out the heavy artillery since my feet were in need of serious work.

Either way they look better. Oh and after several weird looks from the hubby and finally a comment later in the afternoon about the white nail polish, I decided to just remove it. Being cool and trendy will just have to wait another day.

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