Pre-School Daze

EDUCATION | | June 9, 2008 at 7:51 am

Anyone else contemplating preschool for their kids and has managed to figure out the path through the maze? Well that is where we are right now. We just registered Miss J at the preschool to start this fall.

We were doing trial runs and I had her baby sis Miss B with me when a couple of 5 year old girls (the school has mixed ages 3-6) started snickering something to each other. I finally overhead the one saying regarding Miss B “Look she is wearing a diaper” and with a totally disgusting look to match. I was so amused at how shee-shee (read hoity toity) little girls get.

I wonder which I should worry more about, my free-spirited Miss J running all over, grabbing stuff from everyone, actually asking to go to potty– or even saying “yes” when asked (a whole separate blog on this topic) .. or all of the above.

You read stories of kids getting kicked out of pre-school and I mentioned it to the teacher (or guides as they are called here) and she assured me, as much as it sounded like a funny remark to her, little does she know it is with an ounce of fear that I asked.

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