Jia Goes To The Movies!

NEWS | | June 28, 2008 at 6:55 pm
It was a last minute surprise to watch a movie with Jia. After digging through the listings I finally found one that was rated “G”. It was Wall-E. I had no idea about the movie, or any movie for that matter (ahem.. except for Sex And The City) since I never get to watch moves. And NO, it is not because I don’t love movies, I do have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, enough said. Let’s not digress. After getting passes to the movie (I could not believe that my moviewatcher rewards card still worked 3 years later) we loaded on popcorn , soda and anything else to keep her quiet. There were more people than I anticipated for the matinee show. I later learned the movie had just been released, in celebration of that release lucky Jia was given a Wall-E watch.

Trying to score good seats were a challenge. I did not realize until after the show that they had booster seats. We did get decent seats but Jia’s seat kept folding on her. At first we thought it was a defective one, but after changing seats realized it was due to her being small… maybe another reason to use those booster seats. Though she did eventually get comfy I wanted her to snuggle sitting on me. It felt really good since I never get to “baby” her. I did manage to shush her most of the time with candy or popcorn but a few of the comments she made was really cute. One was each time Wall-E the robot got damaged, was “Mama can you fix it“, or “Jia will fix Wall-E“. One comment that she made very (very) loudly when they described Earth and desired a return to it, was “Mama I want to go to Earth“. That made the audience laugh and made me smile.

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