Kiddie Birthdays

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It is birthday time and it seems like decisions are up in the air. Ok, I am now a stay at home (SAHM) so this is where we get to roll up our sleeves and put our babes on display. I mean it is what our life is made up of now. Attending birthdays and giving them too. The pressure mounts with the various decisions. Timing for one, better make sure not on any public holiday, also not during nap time, or too late to overstimulate the kids, and then also not conflicting with other birthday parties. The last one is a total stinker for me. Who else has the luck of having 4 other good friends/neighbors have kids whose birthdays are all so close that we have to always discuss the “taken date” and tossed in between that mix is also memorial day. Sounds fun already, right?

Then there is the entertainment bit, do we get them to entertain themselves (hahaha as if) while they do some artsy crafty thing. Any mom who is worth her salt will tell you that high amount of planning goes into allowing kids to just relax and do this. Then there is paying some entertainer and hope to hell they are worth the huge amount you fork out for just entertaining your one year old who would be happier eating dirt.

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